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Transac strives to democratise data.

Claim control of your data.
Be paid for it.

Controlling your online identity

Helping you to control the data you share.
Ensuring safe data processing.

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About Transac 

Once you have assigned your data rights to us, our mission is to provide you with a transparent and accountable regulatory data and privacy protection rights.


We safeguard your data protection rights and we’ll pay you a price for authorising third party companies access to it.

The values of transparency and accountability are deeply enshrined in our core values that Transac is indeed an acronym of those two significant words.

Transac's motto is “raising integrity in the global regulatory protection of individual’s data”. We strive to improve the integrity, safety, compliance and value of your data for your own benefits.

Transac Information
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What we do

We aim to give you a simple, fast and secure way of controlling your data. Our solution is to ensure customers safely share verified details with businesses and organisations.

Why we do it

Would you say yes to a company taking your money, taking your possessions for no reason?

Instead of other using your data by default, you should be able to decide who you want to share what data with, and for how long.

We ensure you take back control of your data in compliance with GDPR.

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Who can use Transac?

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Provide your personal details to others, or check others’ details, quickly, easily and securely.

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Cross-Border Traders

Dealing with a new supplier in a far-away country? Get them verified with Transac first.

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Set up identity checks and data sharing with your customers, and stay GDPR compliant at all times.

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Transform the way you interact with both your citizens and your suppliers.

Professor Stuart Russell's position on the necessity of a company representing and defending the consumers' interests.

Stuart Russell is a Professor of Computer Science and founder of the Centre for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley. He was the main speaker at 2021 BBC Reith Lectures. The lectures examined the most profound change in human history as the world becomes increasingly reliant on super-powerful AI. Examining the impact of AI on jobs, military conflict and human behaviour, Russell argues that our current approach to AI is wrong and that if we continue down this path, we will have less and less control over AI at the same time as it has an increasing impact on our lives. How can we ensure machines do the right thing? The lectures suggested a way forward based on a new model for AI, one based on machines that learn about and defer to human preferences.

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Build trust | Secure your data | Monetise your data

Knowing who is using your data when and for how long increases transparency and accountability. Transac provides you with a dashboard over which you control access to your data.

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